Today is your 30th birthday. Can you avoid your parents kicking you out?


  • Exciting progress bar action!
  • Several clickable options!
  • 2 predictable endings!
  • An unpleasant toxic waste green colored theme!
  • A sporadic soundtrack
  • Unfixed bugs

Alpha 1 Build 1.

It's really buggy and I want to add more ending conditions before I consider it done enough to be abandoned.

Totally Real Testimonials

"This game isn't very fun." - Sullen Manchild Weekly Digest
"Why?" - The Internet
"I gave all my money to MegaNerd." - Joe S., Ohio
"SUPER COOL!" - Someone talking about something else

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Published190 days ago
AuthorMegaNerd Games
Tagsbad-game, Experimental, novelty, satire, weird

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